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You can download the Microsoft Word 2007 trial (as part of Office 2007) free for 60 days. Check out the other useful utilities too.

Get Up To Speed With Microsoft Word 2007

Released in January 2007, Microsoft Word 2007 has undergone some drastic changes, most noticeable of which is the replacement of the old menu and toolbar system with the new ribbon. The ribbon is the focal point of a new user interface designed to make it even quicker and easier to perform professional document authoring tasks. Once you are familiar with using the ribbon in Word 2007, you will find the transition to all the other products in Office 2007 a doddle - the ribbon is common to them all. And so are new concepts like themes and content controls.

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Whether you create newsletters, articles, annual reports or update a blog, Microsoft Word 2007 enables you to create, edit and share content in a variety of formats. Themes allow you to change the entire look of a document with just a few mouse clicks. Building blocks give you the opportunity to create reusable content, helping you to cut down time spent on the creation and cross referencing of key information like document title, subtitle etc. Pictures you have inserted into your document can be enhanced quickly and easily with Quick Styles (effects include drop shadows, reflections, borders and more).

Briefly, Word 2007 is laden with a plethora of other new features, such as:

  • mini toolbars
  • key tips (adapting keyboard shortcuts)
  • themes
  • content controls
  • blog integration
  • and the list goes on!

You can use the tutorials on this site to get up to speed with Microsoft Word 2007.

Video Tutorial Archive - See more Microsoft Word 2007 video tutorials below:

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SmartArt is a new group of easily editable and formatted diagrams.

SmartArt recently added

There are now 3 printing options in Word 2007. Discover more...


Word 2010

It seems like only yesterday that Word 2007 was released, but in actual fact it was over three years ago now! Word 2010 was released in July 2010 as part of the Office 2010 suite of programs. The ribbon is here to stay and the whole user interface is much more streamlined to help you get things done quicker.

Always on the lookout for new, high quality resources, we've just found another site that offers a better class of Word tutorial - Electric Teacher. This site has a bias towards helping teachers use technology, but there is some good (and plentiful) information there about the Microsoft Office products.

Word 2013

It only seems like a short time ago that Word 2007 was released (it's actually six whole years!), and now the new release of Microsoft Word is here. Word 2013 has arrived, and to get you up to speed with this ubiquitous word processor, here are some tutorials on Word 2013. They should keep you quiet for a while. They've got pictures and everything. If you are already familiar with Word 2007, you shouldn't find the transition to 2013 too daunting actually. The hardest pill to swallow in recent Word history has been the introduction of the ribbon, and if you can cope with that, Word 2013 will be a breeze.

Word 2016

The Microsoft machine thunders on; Microsoft Word 2016 was released earlier this month and there is already a brand new site for Word 2016 tutorials. The new version of Word still sports the ribbon and uses Backstage View to control your document and the application. The user interface seems flatter than the 2013 offering, and there is an emphasis on collaboration. One of the most radical changes we found, however, was the move to subscription based payment for the software. You can now pay monthly, or pay yearly.