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Bob The Building Block

Building Blocks are complete pieces of content (such as a cover page, header, footer etc) that can be inserted into a page. They have designated regions to type content (e.g. document title, date). These editable regions are known as Content Controls and are mapped to document properties. Mapping Content Controls to document properties enables their persistence even if you change the cover page, header or footer. This means that if you set the document title on the cover page, all the other building blocks that reference the title content control are updated with the new title.

Entering the information once and having it updated everywhere it appears reduces errors and speeds up the document creation process.

To help you achieve a consistent look across different Building Blocks, they have been coordinated with unique names. This means that you can use the 'Austere' cover page with the 'Austere' header and footer, and your document will look good. Building Blocks are also tied closely with the document theme so that when you change the theme, building blocks adopt the new theme. Building Blocks also adapt nicely to changes in page orientation, margin size changes etc.