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I Am Not A Number. I Am A Free List (Of Numbered Points)

As soon as you type a number and a space, a list begins. If you didn't mean to start a list, then a simple Undo removes the list quality of your line and returns your numbering to plain text. As well as recognising Arabic numbers followed by punctuation, such as 1) or 1., Word also recognises lettered lists (using lowercase or uppercase) and has several automatic bullet symbols (such as *, >, and -). Often, all you need to do is type a number value followed by the punctuation you want for the numbering and press the Spacebar.

Here are some tips to help you number those lists:

  • To join two lists together right click on the first number of the second list and select Continue Numbering.
  • If you want to split a numbered list, right click at the point where you want to split the existing list and choose to start a new numbered list (at any value you wish)
  • If you have a list that is numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, and so on) that contains unnumbered paragraphs, you can pick the numbering back up by typing the next number in sequence. So if you have paragraphs numbered 1) and 2) and then an unnumbered paragraph, you can rejoin the previous list by starting your next paragraph with 3) followed by a space. If you start a new paragraph with a 1), then you'll start a new list.