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Changing Tracks

Word 2007 allows you to view and make changes to a document while you are working in it.

Start Tracking Changes

  • Review Tab > Tracking Group > Track Changes
  • If required, you can add the Track Changes Indicator to the status bar by right clicking on it and ensuring that Track Changes is checked. This can give you an indication of whether Word is tracking changes and is useful if you are working on any tab other than Review and can't see the Tracking Changes button.
  • Make those changes. You can also add comments.
Tracking Changes Button Thumbnail

Deleted text is displayed in red with a strikethrough. Moving paragraphs puts a strikethrough through the original and displays it in green, and displays the new in green.

Stop Tracking Changes

The Track Changes button acts as a toggle, so clicking on it again will stop Word from tracking any further changes.

Turning off change tracking does not remove the previously tracked changes. To remove them, click on the Accept command and select the most appropriate choice.

To prevent the distribution of documents that contain tracked changes, tracked changes are displayed by default.