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Customisable Commands

Displayed in the top left of your screen, the Quick Access Toolbar holds the commands you use over and over again - save, undo and repeat. Quick access by name; quick access by nature - now they are only one click away. You can easily customise the Quick Access Toolbar and add your own much used commands by right-clicking on the command button in the ribbon and selecting Add To Quick Access Toolbar. Once there, it's just as easy to remove the new command if you change your mind; right-click on the command button again, but this time select Remove From Quick Access Toolbar.

The Word 2007 developers at Microsoft have provided the facility to display the Quick Access Toolbar beneath the ribbon. If you'd prefer it there, simply click on the Customise Quick Access Toolbar button (to the right of the toolbar) and select Show Below the Ribbon. Once there you can put it back again by clicking the Customise Quick Access Toolbar again but this time selecting Show Above the Ribbon. Once it's back ... etc etc.

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For more control over the contents of the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Office Button > Word Options > Customise, and here you can add and remove commands. When you're done, click OK and your changes are saved and the Quick Access Toolbar is updated.