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Microsoft Office 2007 - The Players

This site is dedicated to giving you valuable information and tutorials about getting up to speed with Word 2007. However, Word is just one application within Microsoft Office 2007. What are the other applications and to what use would you put them? In addition to Word, Microsoft Office 2007 comprises the following:

  • Excel 2007 - for spreadsheets that can handle complex mathematical equations
  • Powerpoint 2007 - a program you can use to create captivating and stylish presentations
  • Access 2007 - for handling databases
  • Outlook 2007 - takes care of your email related tasks
  • Publisher 2007 - for creating professional looking publications and marketing material

There are a few other members of the Office 2007 suite, but the applications above are the ones you will most likely use. Hold tight for a brief overview of each one:

Microsoft Excel 2007

With Excel 2007 you can analyse, share and manage information to make more informed decisions. Like Word 2007, it features a new and improved user interface.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

With Powerpoint 2007 you can create dynamic and high-impact presentations faster than ever. With a vast collection of ready made templates, you can have a professional presentation ready to roll in next to no time. Powerpoint features such things as animation, smart art, graphs that source data from Excel etc.

Microsoft Access 2007

Access 2007 enables you to make more informed decisions by effectively tracking, reporting and sharing information. Create databases and tables and then manipulate and report on their data with the minimum of fuss.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Manage your time and information, connect across boundaries and protect your information with Outlook 2007. With sophisticated email and calendaring functionality, Outlook can help increase your productivity and stay updated with fresh information.

Microsoft Publisher 2007

Use Publisher 2007 to create professional looking publications and marketing material in house.

Microsoft Office 14

Microsoft Office 14 isn't part of Office 2007 - it is its successor! But it hasn't been released yet, so keep up to date with the latest news about Microsoft Office 14.

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