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Saving A Word Document As A PDF

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is a fixed layout format that preserves document formatting so that when a document is viewed, it has exactly the appearance that the author intended. Each PDF document includes a complete description of the document, including fonts and images. Saving your Word document as PDF gives you the advantage of providing an easily shared and printed format that is difficult to modify. If you were distributing a newsletter, for example, you would not want it available for modification so publishing it as a PDF is a good option. The PDF format is also useful for publishing documents destined to be printed using commercial printing methods.

There are several third party products (non Microsoft) that are available on the market and we'll look at some now.

Word To PDF In General

Here is a selection of third party products that will cover your Word to PDF and PDF to Word conversion requirements:

Once the Word to PDF converter has been installed, you will see a new printer available for selection when you print your document. This printer is not a real printer, but instead represents the output to your soon to be created PDF file. When you select the new 'printer' you will be asked to name the new PDF document and select a location to save it to. Clicking Save creates the PDF, which will open automatically for you to review.

Regarding the image below, I had previously downloaded and installed NovaPDF and then opened an existing document of mine. On clicking the Office Button > Print > Print. As you can see, there is a new printer called novaPDF Pro v5 that is available for selection.

Saving A Word Document As A PDF