Word 2007 Resources

Word 2007 Books

A list of books that will help you get up to speed with Microsoft Word 2007.

Word 2007 Videos

A comprehensive suite of free video tutorials created by Microsoft.

Getting Your Documents On Paper

There are 3 printing options available to you in Word 2007:


Print is just like the print of good old Word 2003 days. Clicking on Print will display the print dialog box, where you can select things like the printer, the number of copies, and what pages you want to print. Once you have selected your options click OK, and Word will send the document to the printer.

Quick Print

Quick Print will print one copy of the document with the default printing settings - so if you have more than one printer set up on your computer, it will print to the one you have marked as default.

Print Preview

Print Preview will display how the document would look if you were to print it on paper, allowing you to check its presentation and layout. To do this Word zooms out just enough to get the whole page in its workspace.